The Door of Self


Envision yourself as a house, and behind the front door is your true soul self.

All you need to do is grab the key, place it in the lock, turn it, open the door and enter.

Sound simple yes?

Then why is it so difficult for us to gain access to that very key and discover who we truly are, what our purpose is, and what our beliefs are at our core?

I honestly believe that the difficulty arises from the lives we are leading. The routine of work, bill paying, parenthood, elderly parent support, trying to eat healthy foods,  sleeping 8 hours (yeah right!), maintenance of home and as a result, minimal maintenance of self.

Alas, we are the victims of ourselves.

How on earth do we gain access to the key, that door, that fabulous house, and remedy this situation?

My personal discovery to gaining entree to the house of self was skipping up the healing path of ‘going on retreat’.

Though I have participated in quite a few single day workshops, it was my presence  at a heart delving 7 day retreat in Ubud several years ago that honestly changed my life. Four years later I ‘retreated’ again, this time was much more ‘treat’ than delve, but once again, soul infiltrating and life changing.

I’ve discovered that the formula for accessing my soul self involves time away from the life I’m familiar with, coupled with healing therapies, spa treatments, delicious foods and liberal doses of laughter.

Sharing what I now know and supporting you in accessing the key to your soul self is the sole (soul) purpose of the retreat I have developed in beautiful Ubud, Bali, in August this year.

Bali Women’s Retreat has been created to include all of the cherished experiences I’ve had whilst finding the key to me.

So, if you would like to discover your soul self, dine on delicious foods, experience life in a tropical paradise,  receive healing and pampering, and share all of that with like minded women, then joining us in Bali is what you should be doing. Details are on my website

Find your key and access the door to your soul self 🙏🏻



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