New Year Rituals


Do you have a particular ritual to welcome in your year ahead, or do you make half hearted resolutions that fall by the wayside several weeks into January? Perhaps you choose to go with the flow rather than commit to anything?

My last article spoke of letting go of anything that had a less than positive impact on you throughout 2015, to make space for the new energies we will all have access to.

Now that you have an awareness of that which will no longer serve you, it is wonderful to create your own ceremony to farewell any remaining detritus, and to provide an inner sanctum to welcome all that is coming to you to assist you to  move toward your life goal with grace in 2016.

Here are some ideas to assist you in completing the release process.

*List the things you would like to release, those that you know are no longer in your best interest. Thank them for their learning and carefully burn them or bury them to return to the earth for the good.

*Collect petals and name each for that which you would like to release. Scatter them to the winds to be dispersed and cleared.

*Continue the breath process I spoke of most recently.

When you feel you have released all that is required, shift your focus to 2016.

*Choose a word for 2016. Something you feel describes all you would like. In the past I have chosen ‘Regenerate’ & ‘Growth.’

*Write your word. Then write down its meaning for you. It may encompass more than one sense, physical, emotional, work, friendships etc.

*Paint your word, draw it, colour it…  Allow it to permeate you.

*Place it where you will often be reminded. 

You are welcome to share your word or your Ritual for 2016 😊

And finally….

Live 2016 as Tosha Silver suggests:

‘Be open to trusting that your needs will be met in amazing ways.

Let everything that needs to go, go.

Let everything that needs to come, come.’🙏🏻












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