Toward 2016


As the year nears it’s completion, it is time to give yourself permission to let go of all that was. This will allow you to make space for the new that is coming to you.

Slow your body, your mind, and breathe….

Breathe in ‘now’, this moment… and breathe out the past.

Release with your out breath any of 2015’s heartache, struggle, challenges and pain. Free yourself of negativity, unkind words and thoughts, or any perceived failures.

Inhale love, ease, dreams and joy. Gather positivity, kindness and success, and feel them radiate through your being.

Focus now on the present, this moment in time. Do you feel the lightness? The calm?

Practice this process over the next 2 days as you prepare yourself for the  beautiful flow of 2016.

Move toward the light of a new year, a new beginning, a  renewed you, with love, grace and open arms 💗

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