Your Path is as Individual as You

The path you were born to travel is your path and yours alone.

Do you realise this?

Many of us spend way too much time not focused on where we are walking, generally because we are so busy taking note of the successes of those around us.

Honestly, it is a waste of time comparing yourself to those to whom you aspire or admire. You are not them. They are not you.

In my work as a Kinesiologist, I see many clients who are very unaware of the full potential of their gifts. It is not uncommon for them to speak of not being as good as another, feeling insecure, or of lacking the confidence to follow through with a dream or goal. Kinesiology can assist with reversing these negative notions by accessing the key within, to unlocking the box of antagonism.

But here’s the thing. Your path is as individual as you are.

None of us are the same. Yes we share elements in common, but there is only one miraculous you. Yes, we cross paths and even travel for a time with like-minded friends, but the road you travel is a path created specifically by and for you.

Recognise, acknowledge and appreciate what a wonderful being you are. Focus on your talents, your competence, your aptitude for that element that inspires you to become more, and that will set you right back onto your individual track.

Affirm that your path is as individual as you are.image.jpeg

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