Beautiful You



I whisper to you in the silence of my mind, as the world moves on oblivious.

I stand outside in the dark of night, under the moon, face raised to the caress of the starlight.

I know you are there….  I feel you, sense you, envision you in my mind.

You visit unexpectedly,  particularly on occasions of sentimental bliss;  in the flicker of wagtail feather, at the call of ocean siren, at buzz of bee to flower’s heart, or when the earth releases her signature scent.
My heart clenches then, when reality presents with a ‘ta-daaa’ and I feel again your physical absence.
Are you waiting side of stage for your encore? For the next act of life on earth? Or has the curtain fallen on that scene, allowing you to return home to your soul family?
Somehow, I know it is the former, the time is nearing for the next production.
You will make your presence known, I will recognise your essence, your spark
And so it continues….
Beautiful you ❤️

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