Allow Life to Flow


As we are moving toward the end of this current year, you may find yourself becoming a little flustered, less than patient, and perhaps feeling overwhelmed with all you have placed on your ‘to do’ list.

Reacting to the year’s end in this way is definitely not beneficial to your physical or emotional self. In fact, it is detrimental to your being.

Today is the day to acknowledge and assess yourself, to check in with ‘you’ and to honestly ask yourself “how am I today?”

Become  aware of your actions, reactions, emotions and thoughts. Are they  advantageous to you or quite the opposite?

Recognition of that which is not best for you is the first step to allowing your life to glide, the next is to do something about it.

Allow yourself to flow through your day smoothly, adjusting to arising issues with patience and ease. If agitation, frustration or similar rear their ugly heads, ask yourself why you are reacting in this way, accept there is no benefit to negative emotion and choose the reaction that will have you feeling calm.

Revise your action list. Look at each task written. Does it have to be done with a Christmas deadline?

Is it necessary to ‘catch up’ with colleagues and friends before December 25? Why not meet in January when the weather is pleasant and social expectations are less? A spring clean in December would be lovely but is it detrimental to celebrations?

Are there goals you set for yourself earlier in the year that you are yet to achieve? Don’t admonish yourself for not quite getting there, but look at how far you have come. View it as a gift of a head start on a goal for the next year.

Maintain your core being.The fabulous person who is your very most ultimate self. Breathe in calm, breathe out tension. Breathe in love for self and breathe out fear.

Permit yourself the grace of peace in this month of December and allow your life to gently flow into the new year.






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