Love Doesn’t Hurt


Oh my, isn’t this the truth?

Loving is the easy part.

It’s  because of the love though, that the other stuff can be painful, gut wrenching, heart breaking.

When you have experience of love, whether that be partner, child, parent or pet, you truly recognise the emotions based around the fear of loss.

Loss of ‘us’, loss of the physical relationship, loss of shared experiences, loss of dreams and hopes, and then the resulting feelings around all of those losses.

But then, it is our knowing of love that permits us also to know that anything is possible.

That in time to come, the loneliness may be replaced with companionship, the rejection may allow space for you to discover the love of your life. The loss of someone dear perhaps allows you to acknowledge and appreciate how special your love together was; and the envy you felt for those around you experiencing love, will dissipate when your rose coloured glasses have been removed and your focus is back on you and your own love relationship.

Truth is…

Love doesn’t hurt.

Love is the easy part.



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