Mind Power


Well this sounds quite logical, but look closely at ‘you’ and re-view your most recent thoughts.

Has your focus beamed with positivity? Have you directed your thoughts toward affirmative willingness? When thinking of others, has it been with understanding, forgiveness, acceptance?

It is human nature to at times, think less than positively about ourselves or others, but making a conscious effort to change this way of thinking can also change your life experience.

Fortunately, those things we focus on can become our reality. Have you noticed? Many women report that when they become pregnant, they seemingly see babies everywhere they go. The phenomenon continues when you purchase a car, or a particular style of clothing for example;  you start to notice many of the same model where before, your perception was that they were a rarity.

This applies also to our emotive thoughts. I’m sure you’ve had occasions where the behaviour of a family member or a colleague has irritated you to the point where the irritation feels as if it’s embedding itself into your psyche. Getting to this level can have you believing that the negative emotions or thoughts are inescapable. You are giving the irritation power, the power to override anything at all positive. The power to defeat you.

What the mind focuses on is drawn to us. Knowing this, why choose anything other than positive?

Secure your own approach to stifling the negative thoughts. It takes practice, but you can change your mindset. It begins with a conscious awareness of what is happening, and then choice.

Choose acknowledgement of other’s behaviours.

Reserve your judgements.

Reserve your irritation.

Choose your reaction.

Choose your behaviour.

Grant positive power to your mind.

What you give power to has power over you.




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