What does this vision represent?

It is so much more than a light filled tree, a pretty picture..

Well friends, at times it is my mind. Thoughts, ideas, conversations, witty comebacks, memories, visions, goals, dreams, plans, all sparking and twinkling as they are activated.

So pretty to look at, but is it pretty to experience this constantly?

At times we find our minds so busy that clarity becomes elusive, and as a result, so does action. Some of us even reach a point where we become ‘frozen’, unable to think, make decisions, action anything, and the ‘to-do’ list grows.

Occasions such as these can benefit from a little assistance obtained from an outside source. The beautiful soul with a magic wand in the picture, could be a friend with a gift for listening,  a meditation class, or an amazing Kinesiologist, the choice is yours. Allow yourself to accept guidance, a companion for your mind.

However, the ultimate solution can be found within YOU.

Be the magnificent bird flying high above the confusion.

View the big picture from above taking in all from a higher perspective.

Understand that distance provides clarity.

Detach… step back… take a deep breath in… and breathe away the confusion and fly 💗

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