Count Your Blessings


In this time of worldly unease and unrest, it is important for you personally on a physical and emotional level, to ensure your focus remains  on occasions of happiness and the blessings gifted to you on a daily basis.

Do you count your blessings? Are you aware of what your personal blessings are?

The things that I view as sacred gifts may well not be your version of personal wealth.

Each of us has experienced ‘life’ in a personal  way. We may have the same parents as our siblings, been offered the same schooling, experienced the same boundaries, and yet, each of us will view events differently and appreciate different aspects of our childhood.

The version of our lives continues to be personal and specific to each of us. We are all uniquely individual.

Personal experience determines your attitude and your gratitude.

Take some time at the completion of your day, to consciously review your time since waking, with the focus on your blessings. Developing this into a ritual will inspire you to live your day consciously grateful for blessings you hold dear. They could include time spent with a loved one, actively participating in something you love, sunshine on your face, a furry friend happy to see you, a delicious meal, a comfy couch, a good morning greeting from  a colleague. The possibilities are endless and will be specific to you.

Choose to shift your gaze and your mind to the wonderful in your world.

Count your blessings and gift yourself the grace of an attitude of gratitude 💗





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