The Human Web


We are interwoven with humanity.

Individually, we are components of something so much greater than ‘me’, and many of us neglect to remember this.

It is truth that each of us is important.

We each search for our personal truth, our essence, and live each day in a way that satisfies that search.

We allow ourselves to dream and set goals, we live with purpose, whether that is as basic as survival or something much more complex.

We strive to achieve that which will have us feeling joy, strength, and fulfilment.

In the process of living a life with authenticity, focussing on ‘me’, we radiate our capabilities, our prowess. We sparkle and shine in a way that those around us cannot view, but in a way that they can ‘feel’. Your positivity, your radiance, your brilliance, are detected by the unseen radar every individual possesses.

Do you know someone you are drawn to, someone you enjoy being with, a person who has an innate ability to promote contentment within you? That is your inbuilt detector at work, your radar or as many know, your gut instinct; notifying you of that which is of benefit to you. Of course it also detects those you would do well to avoid!

Imagine if we could see the interlacing beams of connection that exist amongst us. Perhaps if we could visualise the connection to those closest to us, we would have a beautiful tree of humanity similar to the one above.

That my friend, is the power of ‘self’ and the unseen interlacing expression of Humanity.

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