Uniquely Beautiful You


Do you truly recognise how unique you are?
I’m not referring to the physical aspects of gorgeous you, your height, eye colour, mannerisms or fingerprints.
My reference is to your true heart, soul, innate gifts and inner beauty.
The dominant theme for this week’s kinesiology clients has been around ‘blocks’, the unknown that prevents us from achieving our dreams, goals or aspirations. The common denominator for all has been about comparing oneself to others, and as a result, deeming ‘self’ as inadequate.
We absolutely must not and can never, measure ourselves up against another.
What makes each of us unique, are the experiences we have had, the conversation and interactions we have participated in, the reading, discussions and resulting belief systems we hold close.
The path of your mentor is not your path. You may have travelled together for a short while, but each of us has our own designated road to travel. Just because ‘she’ does x, y and z, doesn’t mean you have to, or that it will even work for you. A, b, and c may be your gifts.
I, your friends, colleagues and family, admire, respect and love you for who you are…. Amazing!
Recognise, acknowledge and appreciate how uniquely beautiful you truly are 💗

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