Beautiful You


Do these words resonate with you?

Have you been witness to this heart- breakingly beautiful event, or have you personally experienced this?

When I read these words, I immediately envisioned a person, legs trembling and giving way, a figure collapsing toward the earth, conceding defeat. And yet, the vision of humility, nobility and a higher intelligence radiating from the heart and third eye chakra, over-rides the initial sense of debilitation and despair; and I now see the beauty and strength of this process.

I know I am not alone in admitting that I have an affinity with Marianne’s words.

In hindsight, I can see that I too have been this person, feeling at a loss, no answers forth-coming, struggling to see the light and an end to the despair; and I can also acknowledge and joyously celebrate the strength and resilience I never dreamt existed within me.

I chose to look within to fight against my fall, by accessing the services of people I trusted to support me in  the process.

If you feel that your world is falling apart, and you require support to to enable you to access your inner wisdom and strength, do not be ashamed to do so. Acknowledge your needs, and reach out and ask for guidance. Your broken world can allow the release of your true inner beauty.

Stand beside me, feet firm and grounded, and rejoice and celebrate your inner power.

Understand and believe that you too can be that person shining a light of humility, nobility and higher intelligence.

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