Start Your New Ending Now


No regrets please.

Reflecting on a situation that did not have the outcome dreamed of, it is human nature to wish you could have a second chance, to utter the words that remain within, to choose differently an action, a direction or another opportunity to start over.

True, we have no control of the past, but we can definitely influence the present and it’s possible outcome.

Rather than thinking in large timeframes, break it down so that overwhelm does not prevent success.

What goals did you set yourself for 2015? Have you achieved all you wished for? Would you like to achieve something new over the next 2 months?

We have  just 8 weeks remaining of this current year, so now is the time to ramp up your actioning to fulfil your goals.

Take the time to reflect on your dreams for the year, note how far you have come with them. For those that are not yet finalised,  take steps daily toward that finish line. If you have new ideas circulating, now is perfect timing for actioning.

To define your steps, write down your goals, and then brainstorm ideas to bring them to fruition, just write whatever comes to mind when you’re thinking ” what can I do to achieve this?” Your list will be long, as all brainstorming lists are, don’t despair! Just pull out key points to guide you on your way. It may be as simple as meditation or yoga 3-4 times a week, researching a topic of interest or reading about it daily. It doesn’t have to be complicated! These will become your final steps to achieving your 2015 goals.

Enjoy the process, approach it with enthusiasm and excitement, this will guarantee your success.

Make a brand new start from now, and you’ll make a brand new ending.

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