Happiness is Within


We are all after that sometimes elusive substance called happiness.

Where have you been searching, and where has the search taken you?

So many times in my kinesiology practice, I am told the words “I just want to be happy”, but here’s the thing, the majority of people believe it is something external that will just arrive at their door like a granted wish. That is so not how happiness comes into existence.

Happiness is self created. It cannot be relied upon to be produced for you, it cannot be found external to you, and it cannot be absorbed from another source.

Happiness too, is not dependant on what is going on around you, and I know many people believe otherwise. You can be going through an intensely stressful time, and still be able to experience happiness, and that is because it is derived from within. It is also a choice, and each of us has the freedom to decide. You can choose misery, or you can choose happiness.

So the question is, which one do you choose? If it’s happiness, what is your happy? Because it’s different for each of us.

What is the thing, experience, person, that triggers the creative spark of happy within you?

Think of a time when you truly felt happiness. What were you doing? Who were you with? Where were you? Just thinking back to a time of happiness can again ignite the feeling and all of the associated happy hormones.

Is it realistic perhaps to return to your place of happiness? I know myself, that walking along the beach leaves me feeling happy and content, so it really is in my best interest to visit the beach regularly.

Where is your happy? What is it’s trigger? How can you ignite your happy spark?

Get creative. Stop the external searching, the yearning, and work on developing and generating your own happiness.

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