The World Needs You


Have you ever thought about how ‘particular’ you are? That like a fingerprint, you are one of a kind?

You may recognise or label yourself by the career you have, the family you are born into, the religion you follow, or perhaps the people you associate with; but do you understand that your tribe or group does not exist without a ‘you’?

It is the multiples of individual ‘you’ that form the world, and without you, the world would not be the same.

Disregard the notion that you would never be missed, that you have not made an impact in any way, that you do not count, because all of that thinking is untrue.

From the moment we are conceived, every conversation, every eye contact, each experience we have, makes an impact, not only on ourselves, but on those around us too. That impact is felt as a ripple with you at it’s core.

Some of you will never know or understand the impact you have had on the life of another until you are gone, just as those who have left us perhaps never truly understood how wonderful it was to have them in our lives.

So today, think and talk of yourself with positivity, awareness, gratitude and love.

You are not accidental, you are here with a purpose perhaps as yet unrecognised.

The world needs you, just as it needs water and sunshine.

Without you, something will be missing in existence, a something that nobody can ever, ever, replace 💗

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