Follow Your Bliss


Follow your bliss…

Well now, that sounds so simple, but…

Do you know what your bliss is?

What is that thing that brings you joy, that excites and animates you?

Is there something you do as a hobby or an interest that has you feeling accomplished, fulfilled, content?

Something that has you feeling the satisfaction of ‘doing’, or that nothing could be better than doing this each day.

Or not?

As we leave our childhood behind, we get caught up in the rules, regulations and expectations of adulthood and responsibility; and in doing so, we often lose sight of the triggers that ignite our passions.

Think back to when you were little. What made you happy?

Was it playing and getting your hands in the dirt, the earthy aroma of the soil wafting up under your nose? Was it playing ‘pretend’ with your friends, acting out your favourite TV show characters? Or did you like it best when you and your buddies were all running after each other in a game of chase? Did you play ‘schools’ or ‘hospitals’, or spend your time at the beach, lake or river? Did you dance, fish, read, go-cart, play cards?

The childhood activity that brought you joy, that you participated in without thinking of anything else, will be the secret key to your bliss.

Your bliss as an adult may not be exactly the same, but doing some gardening, reading, joining an amateur theatre group, fishing, going for a run, whatever it is that links you back to childhood bliss, may have a meditative effect for you that opens your mind to more possibility.

Find the key, open the door, and skip on through, just as you did when you were a child, and see what magic happens for you 💜

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