Lessons from Earth


Do you ever stop to appreciate the magnificence of our earth?

I marvel at all it offers to both you and I, and I can see why many refer to her as ‘Mother Earth.’

The richness of the soil that provides new life, support, and nutrients to the food we eat.

The rivers and streams that provide us with food, with the water we drink, that we bathe in and play in.

The oceans for their abundant source of foods, crustaceans, fish, seaweed, salts, and the magic of a day spent at the beach.

The mountains and valleys that support our water supply whilst providing us with playgrounds and retreat spaces.

Earth gives us so much, perhaps we need to be a little more responsible in nurturing her the way she does us?

Today, draw on the strength of Mother Nature and nurture the world around you.

Stand barefoot outside on grass, sand, whatever feels right for you.

Inhale the magic, strength and energy of Mother Earth up through your feet.

Feel the breath of nature’s energetic love move up through your body.

Raise your arms to the skies and feel and envision the energy moving into your arms, travelling to your hands and leaving through your fingertips.

And share the love with blessings and gratitude to the universe 🙏🏻

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