Time for You


What is that something you do that makes you feel absolutely wonderful?

Something simple and safe that uplifts you? That has you feeling you are floating on happiness and sparkle?

For me personally,  being on the beach is something that triggers happiness. I’m fortunate that I have access to a beach near my home, and regardless of the weather, I will always make sure I visit for some me time and one of nature’s hugs.  I know it’s the negative ions produced by the waves. It’s a scientific fact that negative ions are produced by moving water and that they enhance mood and stimulate the senses. That’s exactly how I feel when I’ve been on the beach.

When was the last time you felt really exhilarated?

It is unfortunate that our general mindset does not involve doing what makes us happy right now. We generally work our way through lists of ‘must do’s’ before we feel we can reward ourselves with the ‘aaah’ moments. Quite often the mental list is sooo long the moments of reward never seem to arrive.

Here’s the thing though. When you are nearing your life journey end, will you be grateful you worked through your task lists? Or will gratitude for the life you’ve lived and the happiness you’ve experienced be your final reflection?

Make yourself a promise to do something each day that brings you joy. Happiness can be yours. It’s up to you 💗

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