Beautifully Different


Different makes you distinctive. Isn’t that wonderful?

Or is it??

Do you feel uncomfortable because you are different from the people around you?

Do you hold the family title of ‘the black sheep?’

Congratulations! You are to be celebrated, because there would be nothing so mundane as being like everyone else.

Being the ‘different’ one or the ‘black sheep’, frees you from the group mentality. It allows you to escape from the mindset of ‘this is how we’ve always done it’, or ‘condition X (coeliac, diabetes, cancer, arthritis etc),  or ‘staying silent is in our family’.

Remaining in such an environment and convincing yourself that you should do so, is doing yourself a great disservice.

Stepping up and into your truth, enables you to be unrestricted. It permits you to be who you truly are, and to find and express your inner self. It permits you to be happy, joyous, strong and ‘you’.

Your differences will ever only be obvious when you are surrounded by a group who are unified in their sameness. When you are with the people who acknowledge and respect you and your traits or gifts, you will still be different, but you will be acknowledged, accepted, and appreciated.

We’re all beautifully different. Cherish what makes you a you 😊

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