Tree of Friends


Here is my “Tree of Friends”.

Can you see me? I’m the eccentric one standing on my head.

Can you see yourself? Where are you in the tree?

When I was coming up to my 40th year, my immediate family convinced me that a party to celebrate would be fun. I was very apprehensive, mainly because outside of my family, I didn’t really believe I had enough friends to invite. But sitting down to write a guest list was a reality check, and a pleasing one at that.

Friends aren’t only the people you share your heart and closest dreams with. My list included those I laughed most with, those I holidayed with, the friends who supported me through parenting challenges, the colleagues I worked with, the girls I exercised with and the little group who were my support network.

The list kept growing! How did I not recognise the gifts I had been given by these beautiful people, the gift of friendship?

You too have received the gift of friendship from many, many people. Do you realise that? And in return, you have gifted yourself.

Regardless of how you are feeling, you are never alone. Yes, everyone looks like they’re going about their day, doing their own thing, enjoying their lives, separate from you, but we are all inter- connected in one way or another.

Your tree may be full of monkeys and quirky peeps, you could even be one of them. But they’re your monkeys, your people, your tribe.

Celebrate and give thanks for the friendships you receive and give, and enjoy your tree life 🌳

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