Choose Optimism


Don’t you just love this little turtle and his outlook?

How do you see your life?

Do you embrace the challenges and fly, or retract into your shell and claim life as a victim?

For many people, a challenge or variation from the norm can send them into a ‘tizz’. This initial reaction is of course, quite acceptable and very normal. It’s how you behave next that determines the outcome.

A few of us choose to behave as victims, the  words from our mouths along the lines of ‘poor me’, ‘of course this would happen to me’, ‘I never have any luck’, etcetera. And then the behaviour mimics the words, lack of joy, negative thoughts, declining participation in social situations and as a result, no fun to be around. Of course no one wants to be in the vicinity of someone so negative, so friends avoid spending time with you and then your downward spiral continues.

However, if your choice after the initial shock is to step up and march on through with a smile on your face, even a grimace, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. You’ll also be astounded at how your positive outlook can alter the outcome.

You’ll also realise that people want to be around you, and in doing so, you’ll also have a lot of support exactly when you need it.

So next time you’re pulled up short by a confronting situation, choose optimism and fly. 💜

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