Being You


Are you being the authentic you?

Or are you being the version that friends or family expect you to be. The version that fits into their expectations, their values, their tribe?

If in contemplation, you believe you’re fitting into the mold of another’s expectation, how do you feel about this?

Does your behaviour come from a place of fear or is there something on the edge of your awareness that just doesn’t seem quite right, a little something you can’t touch or name?

Perhaps you recognise that this is how you behave only with particular people.

Expressing yourself with authenticity and honesty shouldn’t be difficult, but so many of us do find it so. We worry about offending others with our viewpoints, we stress about being criticised for our beliefs, for stepping outside the expectations of our families or friends, for not behaving as our ‘tribe’ does, or ‘as it’s always been done in our family’.

Each time you withhold, you deny yourself your own truth and authenticity, and you deny those people around you the pleasure of knowing the purity of you.

You don’t have to jump in and cause a tsunami of reaction, that may be somewhat stressful to you and others, instead, wade in and have a little splash in the shallows, watch the ripples extend out with subtlety and enjoy being true to you.

Dont worry if you’re making waves simply for being yourself. The moon does it all the time.🌙

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