Spiritual Perfection is a Myth


So many of us who are finding our way along a path that involves awareness, struggle with the concept of self perfectionism.

I know for sure, that many of us who work as carers or facilitators for others, question our own integrity because we are less than perfect. We work to enable, empower and guide others, yet feel we are expected by our clients/students/colleagues, to appear ‘untarnished’.

Why? We support others to accept and learn from that which they find is less than easy, yet we do not offer ourselves the same understanding.

The fact is though, we all have a story, and it appears that for each one of us there has been a significant challenge that has triggered our first deviation onto the path we now walk.

Something else I know for sure, is that challenges will frequently rise to meet us even as we walk this path, perhaps more so for those choosing a life with a significant spiritual awareness, because each event enables us to grow and develop a little more, to delve a little deeper into our selves, to gain more knowledge, and to rise a little higher.

Subsequently, the learnings we gain from our experiences enhance us as ambassadors for those who seek our services.

So why do we deny this acknowledgement? We are after all, only human.

And that dear friends, is the issue. We are not just human. We are spiritual beings living a human existence, and as such, our lives encompass darkness and light.

Embrace the challenges, the dark times, the hills or forests along your path. Ask yourself ‘Why is this occurring? What is my learning? How can I use this situation to assist my work, to assist others?’ Use your experience, knowledge and the tools you have gathered, to support you.

Remember that spiritual awareness does not keep you in the light, but gives you the tools to embrace the darkness and carry you into the light. 🙏🏻

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