Find Your Tribe


Does this resonate with you? Is it something you want or something you are fortunate to already have?

For a moment, think of those you call friends, it may be two or three, it may be more.

Can you laugh easily together? Do they respect and support your views, your ideas? Do they envision your greatness when you yourself are blind? Are they encouraging when you are feeling dispirited? Do they challenge you when you need clarity? Do you yourself, offer the same in return?

If you answered yes to all or most of these, congratulations on your choice of friends.

For some however, finding your tribe can be less than easy, particularly if you have been ‘evolving’ in some way. Oftentimes, becoming more aware of your true self, your gifts, or returning to study after many years, can alter you as you learn, grow and develop, and this may cause some fracturing of friendships.

Several years ago, I decided to gift myself a retreat in Bali. I felt conflicted at work because even though the company values were touted to all, actions spoke louder and the focus was on the dollars. I was not happy working in that mindset  environment, and even though I loved my colleagues, my role did not allow me to ignore the business side.

That gift was the best I have ever given me, because it changed my life. It instigated a decision to study, a career change, it altered my views and opened up a previous world of mystery that expanded my mind. In the process though, my friendship group drifted away. I felt like the odd one out, misunderstood, not understood, and unsupported in my choices. It was challenging and sad. In hindsight though,  this had to occur; we weren’t what we all needed, it was best for each of us.

Today, I look around at the people in my life who truly are my friends. It’s not a crowd, we may not see each other often, often isn’t always possible, but that is irrelevant because we respect each other’s views and choices, and we support each other. We listen, we advise, we laugh together, share our visions and dreams, and our sorrows too. Our lives are enhanced by our friendships.

These are the special people that we all need to have share in our lives. If you haven’t yet found them, be true to your self, be you, know your value, do what makes you happy, and you will attract them.

Find your tribe. Your group of people who support you, challenge you, inspire you, and help you become more amazing than you already are 💜

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