Retreat and Re-treat


Recently, I had the privilege of attending a retreat with a lovely group of women in Bali, all but one were strangers on arrival, and all were friends on departure.

We were the women you see here when we farewelled one another; joyous, free, relaxed and uninhibited, because the experience was one of nurturing, nourishment and restoration.

My intention was all about ‘self.’ I wanted to restore, regenerate, renew and refresh, all of which I most certainly did, and so much more.

As the days passed, it became quite obvious that we were all slowing down and relaxing into our physical presence and into a spiritual awareness that a few of us were previously oblivious to.

My experience and my continued awareness has highlighted the necessity for each of us to take some time out for ourselves. You don’t need to travel, though it is a bonus, to take stock and re-asses your self or your life.

Retreat:  an act of moving back or withdrawing. Re-treat: give care, attention, the act of giving something out of the ordinary that gives pleasure.

Perhaps it is time for you to take care of you. To retreat and re-treat you. To nurture, nourish, restore. To step back from busy-ness, to rest, to pamper, to sleep, to dream, to journal, to see a healer, to come back to you.

My realisation is that I not only deserve, but require retreat more often than every 4 years. And so it is.

Ubud is my blessing. Returning feels like coming home to my spiritual source. And when events beyond my control inhibit my return, I will retreat and re-treat me, no matter where I am in this beautiful world 🙏🏻

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