Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Soul


So, are your heart and soul operating at their utmost beautiful?

Whilst some speak of physical beauty, or the attainment of it, as a negative, I truly do not believe it to be so IF you shine from your heart and soul as well.

Caring for your body is an expression of self respect and self love, and as such, I respect your choice to care for ‘you’. And while the majority of us will not be remembered for having the most beautiful face or body, that is no reason to cease nurturing our selves, for that is where love begins.

Those exquisite beings with the radiant hearts and souls live and walk amongst us, in fact, it is highly likely that you are one of these cherished people.

Our remembrance will speak of the support we provided to those struggling, the guidance we gave to those seeking, the love we showed to those who knew little, and the example we lived for those striving toward a goal.

In the end, we will remember the most beautiful hearts and souls.

I would consider my life a success if that is true for me, wouldn’t you? 💗

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