Patience My Friend…


Recently, I dreamt I was a witness to an horrific car accident that was caused by an extremely intolerant driver. As a witness I was calm but the dream woke me. As I surfaced into awareness, I heard the words ‘Be patient’.

Synchronicity stepped in when a friend posted the above passage.

Your outlook will determine your experiences.

It is very easy to lose yourself in negativity and to become frustrated and angry when you perceive that the world is against you.

However, negative emotions also affect our physical bodies. Our muscles tense, the heart beats faster, blood pressure rises, adrenaline surges and our patience level is even lower, perhaps leading us to hurt others with our resulting words or actions. And the circle starts again.

When you next feel your frustration rising, stop and review yourself. Is this emotion worthy of the experience? Is this emotion worthy of your body or mind? Is this emotion worthy of fallout affecting those around us?

Change your mindset from victim of circumstances to student of experiences.

Ask yourself, ‘what can I learn from this?’ ‘How can this experience assist me?’

Perhaps patience is your lesson? Perhaps this experience will assist your work or interaction with others? Perhaps you need to go slowly instead of leaping because there are lessons to learn from events along the way?

Tread your path with sure-footed steps. Envision your destination. Work steadily toward it.

Live your hours, your minutes and seconds, knowing that life always gives us exactly the teacher we need at every moment.

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