Hearts Ease


Wishing you could have, would have, should have, are a total misuse of your precious mind and precious time.

The comparisons to other people, the telling of ‘you’re lucky’, the wanting what he has and the envying of the experiences of others, will cause a mental blindness to the opportunities that arise for you.

Instead, see the achievements of those around you for what they are. The extra study, the extra job, the longer hours, the nights spent in, the setting of goals, are the choices they have made for the rewards you so envy.

Bless and applaud their diligence. Tell them you admire their work ethic, their achievements. Congratulate them with love and honesty.

You will then be free to accept that what is not in your life’s plan will never come to you, and that what is meant to become your experience will always find you, irrespective of where you are, your circumstances or your perceived destination.

Breathe freely knowing that your heart will be at ease knowing this truth 💗

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