Love and Respect


Wow! How amazing would our world be if love and respect were the core principles of each and every human?

If we all ask ourselves if love and respect are included in our personal bottom line values, I know each of us would respond with a resounding ‘yes!’

Why then, is this not reflected in our world?

A little reflection on this question will throw up some interesting realities for each of us. Whilst we may say or think love and respect are paramount to us, do we truly love and respect firstly, our selves? Our family members? Our friends? Strangers?

When you look in the mirror, do you see perfection? Do you appreciate your freckles or your laughter lines? Are you thankful for your stretch marks or your soft rounded tummy or hips? Can you honestly saisy ‘I love who I am in this moment?’

The first step in creating a world of love and respect, is to love and respect you.

Achieving this simply involves an awareness of what each and every action dedicated to you involves and accomplishes.

As you attend your self care, do it with love and appreciation, and speak it to you.

Choose your words with positivity and warmth. These examples will give you an idea of how you might do this.

As you clean your teeth and mouth you may say ‘I love my mouth and teeth, I have the pleasure of tasting delicious food, I have a lovely smile, they help me express myself and kiss those I love’. As you wash you might say ‘I love my arms they allow me to hug/write/carry. As you moisturise your face, ‘I love the lines that express how I feel, the skin I’ve inherited from my Mum or the dimple that reflects a family trait’.

As strange as it may sound, world peace, world love and world respect, all start with with self peace, self love, and self respect.

Take a positive step from today, toward a world where we all love and respect one another, by loving and respecting you 💜

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