Moment of ‘Aliveness’


Oh to feel the sensation of joy that comes with this!

Have you experienced a moment where you feel so alive? When it feels as though each breath you take is an inhalation of magic, brilliance and positivity? Where you see your life stretching out before you filled with potential and excitement?

This is the moment of clarity. That moment when you take stock and realise that yes, this is my life and I’m living it my way, doing the things that bring me joy, that bring me comfort, that allow me to express who I am in a positive way.

Are you being your authentic self? Do you acknowledge your own truths? Are you prepared to face the shadow side of you and to work on bringing it forward into the light for examination and modification? Do you walk your talk and strive to live daily by the words you speak?

Understanding your self, your essence, assists you in recognising the joys in life. It allows you to accept yourself and in turn, accept others as they are. It allows you to recognise, appreciate and respect, moments and people of light and inspiration.

And then, you begin to breathe, and live, and every moment will take you to a place where goodbyes are hard to come by. You will be in love, not with someone or something, but in love with your life. And for the first time, perhaps in a long time, everything will be inspiring 💜

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