Lessons from a Dog


Perhaps it is time to take advice from a much loved dog.

We cram so many ‘musts’ into our lives. Our days are filled with appointments, errands to be run, tasks to be completed, this to be done, that to cross of the list, etc etc, and many of us don’t stop until our heads hit the pillow. Even then, restful sleep for some appears as a fallacy.

What if, for one afternoon or one day a week, we lived for a few hours with the mindset of our beloved pooches?

How would your life be if you could snooze if you felt the need, if you could amuse yourself without relying on someone else to entertain you, if you could be perfectly imperfect and laugh about it, and then move on with no regrets? Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel the love from someone happy to see you, every time you saw them?

I challenge you to try this. Take a leaf from the diary of your canine friend, and see how great it feels to live without inhibition, to feel loved, and to be happy 😊

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