Your Past is Just a Story


Do you identify with your past rather than your present?

Is this a good thing?

Well, regardless of whether your past is a negative or positive story, it does not allow you to accept the person that you are right now.

Who are you?

Are you the person who dropped out of uni because it wasn’t for you, or are you the guy who works full time at a job you love, saving for your first home?

Are you the girl who failed year 12 because she partied and drank too often to care about study, or the fabulous mother of two little ones, a wife and a great gardener?

Are you the alcoholic or drug addict you were in your twenties, or the masseur with magic hands and a guiding word, well respected and admired?

Who you were in your past is irrelevant. Living in the past gives it power over you and pulls you back to that time; and in doing so, it prevents you from experiencing the fullness of your life now.

It’s  a memory, a story, a fable.

Deny your past any power and live your ‘now’ in the present 💜

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