Happiness Starts with You


Is this fact something you are aware of? If it is, do you live by this creed yourself or is it something you say to others?

Quite often we meet people who appear to be terribly unhappy, something we can ascertain by their comments, complaints, air of despondency or lack of enthusiasm. Conversation may be around stresses with workload, colleagues or managers, or ‘wishing’ for a holiday, an experience, an item.

How do you feel when you are around this negativity?

Are these behaviours familiar to you on a level of ‘self?’

When you are finding difficulty with your job, your friendships or your family, what do you do with it? Do you blame your unhappiness on the person or situation, or do you take ownership of your ‘self?’

How we react to a situation is our personal choice, not the choice of others.

Chasing the “I’ll be happy when…..” dream is like chasing a rainbow, you’ll never get there.

Yes, we all have bad days, but choosing how it affects us belongs to us alone.

Being happy is not an instantaneous occurrance when life events are exerting their force on you, but being grateful is.

Finding gratitude in daily living is the first step to happiness. Rather than submerging yourself in stress, worry or anxiety, become aware of what you are grateful for. It doesn’t need to be too out there, it could be the adoration from your fur baby, a crispy apple, a smile from a friend. Awareness of what you appreciate displaces the anxiety and unhappiness.

I know that for me, choosing happiness when I’m finding a situation challenging, also involves a requirement to withdraw. I need to sit with the issue and feel it and think it through to make sense of it all before I can move forward. Gaining an understanding is part of my process toward ‘happy’. Yes, some can choose happiness and immediately move on toward that brightness. Yes, our approaches are different, but the ultimate goal is the same.

Regardless of how you find your way to happiness, remember that it does start with you, and the first step is gratitude 💗

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