Self Care


The frequently arising theme this week appears to be about feeling hurt by the words of others.

Why can words affect us so?

There are two parallel themes occurring here. Self-love and boundaries, and they intertwine and interact.

Have you understood that onlly you ever know ‘you’?

You may have a loving intimate relationship with another. Interact daily, eat together, sleep together, share ideas, dreams and goals; but that ‘other’ will never ever truly know the ‘you’ that you know so, so well. Because we constantly interact with self. We talk, observe, judge, react, plan, appreciate, acknowledge and so much more, all in a split second and without speech.

Self-love actually involves not only knowing youself, but also loving, respecting and valuing ‘you’.

When you truly love yourself, boundaries are almost automatic.

Sense of self then, determines the impact others have on you.

I find it most beneficial to not view my boundaries as a means of protection, but as a display of strength. As an example, rather than envisioning a wall or bubble of protective colour surrounding you, as a means to prevent harsh words from another having a detrimental affect,  do the opposite, as it then comes from a place of positivity.

Imagine a beautiful colour depicting your ‘self’ and your strength, emanating from your heart and enveloping your body and radiating outward.

You are then not defending and protecting from a place of fear, but radiating and shining from a place of love.

Remember, you are under no obligation to make sense to anyone but you 💗

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