You’re Doing Great


Yay! Congratulations on your survival 🎉🎉🎉

Is this how you generally view your world? With positivity and gratitude?

Or are you one to drag your feet, hang your head and complain about how difficult your life is?

Because whether you believe it or not, a positive outlook attracts positive experiences and people, and the same applies to negativity.

Think about it. Have you experienced the negative person? The whinger, the whiner, the complainer.  The person who doesn’t compliment but is quick to criticise, the one who is always ‘wronged’ by others? (In their eyes anyway). Do you want to be around them, to spend your precious time with them? Of course you don’t.

We all feel better when spending time with those who have a smile, a kind word and a positive view of life, including a positive view of challenging situations.

So, even if you are experiencing challenging times, or challenging people, remind yourself that you’ve survived days you thought were your worst, and look, here you are right now, with a mind filled with some amazing memories, facial lines produced by laughing,  and you’ve met some lovely people who you call friends.

So lift your head, look to a positive future, walk with a spring in your step, skip, smile and experience all life has to offer you, knowing that you’ve survived all of your worst days and you’re doing great 👏🏻

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