Tip Toe, Step or Leap


Have you ever noticed a nudge you’ve received from the universe?

A thought that enters your mind, you notice and dismiss it and then it returns; perhaps in the words of a song or someone mentions ‘it’, or a person pops up in your media feed who has a relationship with your thought.

Coincidence or message?

Those who see it as coincidence tend to take no action. They look the other way, put it to the side, disregard it and remain marking time. But those who recognise the message will start to question, think, research and explore. They take note and ask why, what, where and how?

I’m one who tends to recognise the message. Most of the time I have no idea where it will lead, but it gets me thinking and questioning. That is the tip toe-ing.

A most recent message for me started with a conversation and continued to arrive via social media.

A friend was telling me about a seminar she attended, run by two fabulous guys who provided information and inspiration for people running businesses, primarily in the health sector. 5 weeks or so later, a promotion for a free webinar run by these chaps showed up on my newsfeed. Recognising the names and remembering the accolades, I signed up. Following along with their business guidelines, I started to document a little plan for my own business. Several days later, a member of a practitioner group I’m in mentioned something she does in her business, and it aligned with my little plan. Several emails later, and I’m participating as a practitioner in a workshop with her.

I never dreamed that this would be possible for me, but taking notice of that nudge has me now thinking and researching ideas and goals.

The nudge became a tip-toe became a step. Is this going to be the biggest step of my life? Who knows?

But for now, I’m definitely happy I acknowledged the nudge, questioned it, and took a small step 😊

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