Heart Print


Have you ever considered the impact you make on others?

Did you know that the smile you gave to the elderly gentleman in the supermarket, was exactly what he appreciated on a day he was intensely feeling the loss of his wife?

Did you realise that the “hello how are you” to your neighbour arrived a few days after her cancer scare?

And the stopping to pick up the little girl who fell whilst cheekily running from Mummy saved a woman pushed to overwhelm from bursting into tears?

Do you give yourself the same care and compliments? You do so much to enhance the lives of others, strangers and friends; do you show such thought for you?

Look at you. Stand before a mirror, look into your eyes deeply, and speak to yourself the kind and loving words you speak to others.

Do the things for you, with the care and attention that you would do for others in your situation.

Make an an impact on the world.

Leave a heart print wherever you go 💗

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