Live Life Strong


We each chose to be here at this time, for a reason.

Each of us has been born to this earth with a lesson or lessons to learn in this lifetime. Those lessons could be any of a million. They may be about setting clear boundaries or learning to compromise. Perhaps you are here to support others in finding their way, or to learn about love or self acceptance, or standing up for yourself.

Regardless of the reason, the decision was made, knowing that you could do it.

Yes it will be difficult. Yes there will be self doubt. Yes there will be frustration, anger or tears. Yes there will be moments when just giving up seems like the better or easier option. The truth is, lessons aren’t easy, that’s why they are called lessons – a period of learning or teaching.

Have you noticed that some of us find ourselves facing what appear to be the same situations over and over? I’ve noticed that if you stop and ask why, and then reflect on possible reasons, it is very likely that the answer will present. Clarity and then action = light bulb moment = lesson learnt.

Look back on your life so far. What do you think your lessons have been? Where can you see positive changes in you? Are you more assertive? Now independent? Confident in speaking up? Able to remain calm in challenging circumstances? Confident saying no instead of always yes? Do you see a strength in you that you never knew existed? Perhaps you confidently speak of your spiritual beliefs where once you would have hidden them for fear of ridicule. What ever your lesson, what ever you have recognised, congratulations!

When confronted with a challenge that takes all of your strength to remain calm, centred and sane, remember, you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it 💗

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