Life’s Surprise


Life can be unusual can’t it?

As children, we have this ideal image in our minds of what our lives will be like when we’ve ‘grown up’, but when are we at the point of grown up? Because I still feel like that little girl with the perfect dream sitting out there in front of me. Except that now, the dreams are multiple!

My life is definitely not how I thought it would be when I was young, but in contemplation, the things I dreamt of were only a vague image. A nursing career, falling in love, marrying, a house, children, pets… That’s as far as it went.

On reflection though, my life is soooo much more. A mixed bag of sweetness and sorrow, ups and downs, tears, laughter, grief and unimagined joy, disappointments and moments of heart bursting pride. Never in my wildest imaginings did I ever envision some of my experiences, friendships or challenges. Nor did it even cross my mind that there would be lessons to learn, personal hurdles to leap or strengths developed and recognised.

But wait… there’s more!

New goals, new dreams, new sights, experiences and realisations. Different paths to travel, new people to meet, altered and enhanced friendships, more education… Wow! Don’t you just love it?

Dream big, set new goals. Run at it with open arms. Embrace it all.

Because a satisfying life can be unusual can’t it? 💜

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