Perfect Imperfection


Perfection, the highest degree of proficiency, skill or excellence. Flawless, complete.

Perfection is the ultimate, the pinnacle, a goal, a dream. Does it truly exist?

No person is perfect despite what they may tell you or what you perceive about them.

We are though, surrounded by perfect imperfection.

Look at this beautiful tree.

It has a tunnel right through its base, and yet it stands so proudly tall, branches raised in skyward adoration, a proliferation of green fingertips, a display of strength despite what appears to be a major flaw.

We too, are similar to this tree.

None of us is perfect, we have our flaws, our quirks. Some of us have been damaged, emotionally, perhaps physically.

We have our moments of self doubt and times of assertion, tears of sadness and anguished cries amidst tears of joy and happiness, days of laughter and days of pain;  times when we feel as victims and days of being heroes.

And yet, despite all of this, here we are, be-ing us, our true selves standing tall.

Perfect in our imperfection.

Rejoice and give thanks for the person that you are…

An amazingly beautiful, perfectly imperfect being 💗

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