The Value of Self


Many of us look to those around us to confirm that we are worth something, anything.

We study, we ‘toe the line’, we work extra hours unpaid or take work home.

Some of us aim or achieve to please others, at times not even being acknowledged for what we do, but still we feel we can only value ourselves after being recognised by someone else.

But does all of this contribute to our own happiness? In reality, the answer is no, because pushing yourself to meet the expectations of others is rarely often the expectation we have of our ‘self’.

My value, is my own. It is that which makes me smile, that which has me feeling proud of ‘me’, the things that make my heart feel full, that bring me joy, satisfaction and peace…

Are you aware of your own value?

Sit quietly with you. What makes you feel worth, satisfaction, achievement? See it, feel it, and then live it.

Its not your job to convince other people of your value.

Its your job to convince yourself of your own value 💜

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