I’m sure that you, like me, have been confronted by something extremely challenging.

How do you manage challenges?

Do you charge through, eyes squeezed shut, head down, arms and legs pumping like crazy while you hope you get to the other side, often arriving in a wake of destruction?

Are you one who stands back, looking in every direction but forward, and hope that someone will rescue you and carry you through the maelstrom.

Perhaps you focus on your work and hope that you’ll wake one day with someone telling you it’s all fixed, over, done. There now, that was easy! But alas, you learnt not a thing from that challenge, and strangely, it presents again.

Possibly you sit down, look directly at the issue, research and learn about it, develop strategies to manage the challenge, and travel through the process at a steady pace. Arriving as a whole and improved or modified version of amazing you.

Sometimes though, the solutions to our challenges are like wisps of cloud, they float within sight, a glimpse, a sparkle, a waft of an answer,  but so very difficult to grasp.

When your challenge reaches this place of uncertainty, where you find yourself trying so hard to name and understand the solution, place the angst aside and move through your day as best you can.

It is often that when our whirlwind thoughts calm, the answers will flutter to rest at your feet.

Trust that when you least expect it, the solution will present itself 💜

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