Choices Make You


Not all of my decisions have had an outcome that have been acceptable to others.

Some of my choices have been questionable, both to myself and those around me.

Numerous times, my words have wounded, self inflicted wounds and barbs that have pierced through tender skins.

On occasion my actions have been detrimental to my health, to my safety, to my relationships.


The opposite is true as well.

I have made decisions that have empowered, strengthened, sustained.

Choices that have altered destiny.

Spoken words that have been delivered wrapped in a warm blanket of nurturing love, encouragement and support.

Acted in ways that have strengthened resolve, assisted others, paid it forward.

All of these have resulted in ‘me’ as I am in this very moment.

Every day, hour, minute, I am new, I am learning and growing.

I am not the person I was,

I am the person I am 💜

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