Be You


Who do you present to the world?

Do you have several personas, dependant on your environment or the people you are surrounded by?

Many will say yes, I am professional at work, a little crazy and less inhibited when I’m with my party friends, more insular and contemplative with others, and truly me when I’m alone.

What is so fearful about being you all the time? Or are these components all ‘you’, but brought out to play when circumstances suit?

When you reflect on versions of you, do you feel comfortable or is there some level of unease?

Being comfortable with the ‘you’ the world sees and knows is fabulous, not just for self, but for everyone privileged to know you.

If reflection has revealed a little discomfort, perhaps it is worth an honest dive into the depths of your soul.

Why do you have the need to camouflage? Is it self preservation, and if so, is it fear of ridicule from others or fear of recognition of your own truths? When you understand the ‘whys’, you can work on the how’s.

I know for myself, I was torn between the western world of medicine and evidence based practice, and the world of eastern philosophies that included energetic healing, kinesiology and spirituality. I kept them both very separate and never spoke of my interests, beliefs or studies with medical colleagues. But it didn’t feel right, I felt an uneasiness, a dishonesty with myself, and a duality I was not comfortable with. I decided to ‘out’ myself. Yes, I did receive the odd derogatory comment and sneer, but most people accepted this was who I am. And they were the people that counted.

What a relief! What a personal celebration being true to me!

You too can achieve honesty with self.

Be you, the world will adjust!

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