What does your life look like at the moment? How did it look 6 months ago? 12 months ago? 2 years ago?

Who were you then and who are you now?

Have your experiences altered your views or perception? Have you developed new skills or recognised strengths you were previously oblivious to?

Life certainly places challenges on our path. The view ahead may seem clear and calm, or perhaps the fog is clearing to reveal a monstrous mountainous climb.

Fortunately nothing ever stays the same. We would never recognise the beauty, the happiness, the successes, if we didn’t experience the ugly, the sadness or the failures.

If you are experiencing challenging times, know that you are never alone, and please know that something astonishing will present itself.

You will look back and see how far you have travelled.

You will marvel at your own resilience and strength.

And you’ll see that something grew from all you experienced…

And it will be you 💜

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