Be Someone’s Sunshine


Do you recall catching a glimpse of joy, seeing something that made you smile?

It may have been a smile gifted to you by a stranger, a gurgle from a baby over a parents’ shoulder, the colours of autumn appreciated, a dog stopping beside you for a pat.

Have you a memory of a kindness shown to you?

A door opened for you, an offer to go next in line, a seat on a crowded train, an offer of assistance, a hug or smile,  an “are you okay?”

Do you remember a time when you were struggling, when it was difficult to find a positive, when life was bumpy or you were feeling unsettled? Wouldn’t any of these things or others have helped to lighten your day? To allow you to have faith in an element of good in everyone?

Today, make an effort to do something, however small, to brighten someone’s day.

Be the sunshine in skies of grey. In gratitude for the sunshiny moments you too have received ❤

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