Fear Responsibly


Do you allow fear into your life?

Fear can be good, it gives us the opportunity to think things through, to weigh up the pros and cons, or to sit on the fence a while and view our choices on either side.

It permits us to research further, ask, investigate, think, Google and identify before making a decision.

It can keep us safe, undamaged and loved.

And in using fear,  arrogance and opinionated viewpoints are dissipated.

However, if we don’t act on our fear in a positive manner, it can dash our dreams, crush our goals, and have us living with regrets, ‘could haves, should haves, would haves’ and ‘what ifs’.

Use fear to your advantage, but don’t allow it to destroy you, your aspirations or your dreams.

Because everything, absolutely everything you want, is on the other side of fear ❤

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