Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” as the saying goes.

Have you ever really thought about what beauty is to you personally? How do you see it? What is your definition?

Is it physical? Specific to the face? Flawless skin, a particular shape to the jaw, a hair or eye colour?

Is it body type? Length of leg, bust size, height or weight?

Perhaps it is an emotional thing for you, a spontaneous laugh, the ability to listen, an open mind, a caring heart, a softness…

If you were asked to list 5 kinds of beautiful you see in a friend, I’m sure you would complete that list in seconds, but could you write that list for ‘you’, in the same amount of time?

What are your 5 kinds of beautiful?

View yourself with clarity. Disregard the self-criticisms and the negative talk and list your own kind of beautiful.

Let that beauty shine. Share it with the world, be and ‘own’ your own kind of beautiful ❤

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