Your 4 Roomed House


There is a space in my home that is not often used.

The door is always open, but I rarely acknowledge the room.

Sometimes I glance in as I walk by and my heart clenches; it almost senses the loneliness, the loss, the sadness emanating from a once lived in and often used space.

The room is clean, but the air is still. The curtains hang, seemingly sad, the scent of happier times lingers…

Today, I entered, threw open the windows, and smiled in satisfaction as the fresh air entered through dancing curtains. What a difference this made to the spirit of the room!

In dreams, a house represents us as a whole person, in reality too, we are each a house of four rooms: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Which room do you predominantly live in?

Are you all about the physical? The daily exercise, the specific diet, the water intake…  all of your focus on the body.

Is your favourite room the ‘mental’ room, the ‘to do’ list, the constant moving from task to task, thoughts racing, words flowing, chatter and barely able to sit still?

Is your comfort found in the emotional room, manipulating others, tears and tantrums, cold shoulder tactics?

Or are you predominantly focussed on your spiritual search, and thus, not in touch with the practical, the day to day tasks and the people around you?

Pay homage to the complete and whole ‘you’.

Visit all of your rooms, fling open the windows, let the fresh air flow through and the sun shine in…

Bask in the beauty, the comfort and the peace of a complete ‘you’ ❤

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